"Providing quality orthotic medical care to non-ambulatory patients in skilled nursing facilities for over 25 years."
We have provided innovative healthcare for bedbound and chairbound patients since 1986.  Our practitioners have years of experience providing quality health care for the elderly.

The medical problems associated with immobility are treatable and preventable. OrthoConcepts TBOM is a system of braces that specializes in treating the medical problems associated with immobility.

OrthoConcepts mission statement is that we believe every individual has, the right to full utilization of his or her body system, the right to be free of pain and discomfort, the right to be a functional as possible, and the right to attain a higher quality and dignity of life.

Orthotic braces have long been well-accepted interventions to ameliorate the effects of disabling conditions of immobility. Braces are used to hasten recovery of injured tissue, alleviate pain, slow the progression of disabling conditions and to restore, maintain, and improve function. There is a rich history of orthotic devices applied to the extremities and spine. Orthotics are used for the neck, arms, hands, back, legs, ankles and feet. 

The problems of immobility for, catastrophically impaired individuals present unique challenges for health care professionals. These individuals have major physical impairments with associated disabilities. By virtue of their frailty, they are at increased risk for further disabilities.  Immobile patients have limited functional reserves, they are extremely vulnerable. Nevertheless, health care professionals have made significant advances in reducing the deleterious effects of catastrophic impairments.